Chiropractic Consultant Warning

When conversing with hundreds of chiropractors at business growth seminars I’ve spoken at over the past couple of years, it is apparent that many have been scammed by practice management consultants. The typical issue that I hear most often is that these “gurus” do not do what is promised and their marketing is very “black-hat” or deceptive. Truthfully, I don’t have respect for people that need to mislead chiropractors or students to get them to join their agency. These guys typically are very good salesman but make empty promises in order to collect that several thousand dollar payday.

Now, I don’t have a problem with paying for an expensive service as long as the use value of the system far outweighs the actual cash value that I shelled-out. This is how a good business owner should dictate price anyway. It should all be about providing massive amounts of practical use-value for your client or customer. Practice management groups and consultants who do this should be commended, but they are very rare. Most of what you will come across in chiropractic school when chiropractic consultants speak is BS filler and fear mongering. They have to scare you in order to get your business. This is a warning to stay away from sharks who use those methods.

There are several things that you should look for when choosing a solid chiropractic consultant or practice management group. First, make sure that they have a specialty. Too many times I see these guys that have the “best” solutions for everything. What I mean is this. You would never go to a gynecologist to have a brain tumor removed, right? Similarly, you would never go to a practice management group that is primarily known for in-office patient retention for help with internet marketing. You know what they say. If they’re usually the jack of all trades, they’re typically the master of none. Seek out specialists in different areas of your practice that you need to kick into high gear.

Secondly, you want to look for someone that has many satisfied clients, testimonials, and has established social proof. Beware of scripted testimonials and videos that don’t look like they’re from average chiropractors like you. A few chiropractic consultants have been busted for false and misleading testimonials, trying to trick vulnerable and desperate DC’s into buying their programs.

I recommend doing an in-depth Google search to find accurate information. For instance, if you were looking for a consultant that just specialized in strategic and proven Web 2.0 and Social Media marketing for chiropractors, you would put the keywords “social media chiropractic marketing” or “internet chiropractic marketing” in quotation marks. This will bring you back highly-targeted information you are looking for, making your life much easier.

Finally, it’s a good idea to look for a chiropractic consultant that stays abreast of the newest trends and technologies in whatever area they specialize in. New patients are your practice life-blood, so they should be always seeking new, cutting-edge ways to improve their marketing. If you encounter a practice management group that claims to know it all, run immediately! Times are changing very rapidly and while certain report of findings and consultation scrips may not change, marketing in the struggling economy and Web 2.0 technology has changed substantially. Remember what was said previously. You need a specialist in whatever field your practice is lagging.

If you are looking to stop being a victim and for your chiropractic practice to become recession-proof, you need to think outside of the conventional box that 95% of chiropractors reside in. I strongly recommend learning the newest social media / Web 2.0 marketing tactics. This is virtually an untapped new patient goldmine if harnessed correctly. You will only find one consultant that specializes in this type of marketing who speaks worldwide to businesses about successful integration of social media. Truthfully, you could be the best chiropractor in the world but if you don’t know how to market and massively spread your message in the new era, it doesn’t matter.